Best Outdoor Games For Families

The weather outside is amazing and there’s still plenty of time to discover different outdoor games for families.

You’re probably asking yourself: “what are some family games that we can play outside?” Or “what games can families play together?”

We’re sure you’ve already heard of more than a few classic, outdoor, family-friendly games, but what about some new games?

Here are our top 3 picks for outdoor games you should definitely be playing with your family!

#1 Pickleball

Pickleball is a paddle ball sport that combines elements from badminton, table tennis, and tennis. 

You can play pickleball with two or four players, and, honestly, it’s awesome!

It first started out in the mid-1960’s as a children’s backyard game, but soon spread across the country as more and more people began to discover how much fun it is. 

Well, why is it fun? 

Simple. It’s fun because people of all ages can play it,  it’s one way to solve your outdoor family games needs, and it makes hand-eye coordination easy. It’s also great exercise and a wonderful way to enjoy the competitive nature of sports without being as intense as the other sports it’s related to.

Sounds great! What do I need to play it?

You don’t need to invest a ton of money before you can start playing. All you need are the right paddles and a ball (and a court with a net, of course!)

I’m in! Where can I play it?

There are 15,000 courts covering every U.S. state and all Canadian provinces. 

If you don’t have one close to your home, don’t fret! 

Part of pickleball’s popularity is that it’s very easy to set up! Even if you don’t have an official court, as long as you’ve got a flat surface that’s large enough, whether indoors or outdoors, you can have your own pickleball tournament!

#2 Golf

You’ve already heard of golf. You know what it’s about, or you may know just the main aspects of it.

And the truth is, if you’re thinking of family games to play outside, golf wouldn’t be the first thing to pop into your mind.

We’re here to tell you that you’d be missing out!

In fact, more and more people are starting to enjoy golf as a family. Long gone are the days of the solitary golfer. Everything’s about group activities these days!

Why is it fun?

Golf is something that anyone from almost any age group can play. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, and it’s also quite challenging! As an added bonus that you haven’t probably thought about, it’ll also give you a fair share of physical exercise.

What do you need to play?

The list is a bit longer this time. You’re going to need a full set of clubs, shoes, balls, a bag, and golf-appropriate apparel. 

Starting out might not seem like great fun, but once you’re on the course and you start hitting some balls, you’ll be enjoying it in no time.

Alright! Where can I play it?

There are about 15,500 golf courses in the US. 

You just have to find out which one of those is closest to your home.

#3 Rollors

Rollors is a game for all ages that’s easy to learn! All you need to be able to do is roll a disk.

If you’re not interested in traveling too far for some fun, this is the perfect backyard game for you. Yard games for the family have never been easier to set up and enjoy!

You’ll need two players for one-on-one play, or two teams of 2-3 players for a group game.

Why is it fun? 

Each player or team of 2-3 people uses one color set of rollors in the first round of play. Blue goes first. Standing behind the red goal, the blue player or team rolls one rollor at a time toward the blue goal, attempting to land their rollor as close to the goal as possible (think curling!). 

It might seem a bit intimidating at first until you get the hang of it but it’s very easy to get into, and can get addicting very fast.

All in all, it’s a great outdoor activity to do with your family. It’s fun, easy to learn, and entertaining! 

What do I need to play?

You’ll need 3 blue disks, 3 red disks, and 2 goals. 

Where can I play it?


You only need about 15-20 feet of level ground, ideally on grass or sand.


All in all, there are more than a few options out there if you’re looking for fun family games to play outdoors. If you’re looking for the best outdoor family games, this article is a good starting point. 

We shouldn’t forget that, at the end of the day, the best outdoor games for families are the games that get us going and having fun. They don’t need to be overly complicated or overly simplified, they just need to be the thing that sparks joy into our day for a few hours.

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