Experience A Summer Like Never Before At The Best Family Vacation Spots


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Oh, the sweet scent of summer! 

With our favorite season around the corner, we just can’t wait to start planning our much needed vacations and escapades. 

And with the year we’ve all collectively had, we need adventures and nature time just as much as we need air to breathe! 

It’s time to start planning for your summer holiday with the kids. Somewhere they can enjoy nature and fresh air and make lifetime memories! 

We’ve compiled a list of family vacation ideas that will bring forth the explorer in you. Outdoor activities are the best recipe for this summer! You’ll stay in shape, have fun with your loved ones, and your kids will learn to appreciate the environment! It’s a win-win situation! 

Are there so many fun places to travel to that you don’t know what to choose? 

Well, you can go on hiking trips, take adventure vacations, visit national parks, or you can just relax at the beach and enjoy the warm weather and the waves. 

Let’s dive in and check some of the best family vacation spots:

Have a fantastic camping trip at Yellowstone National Park 

The home of Yogi Bear should definitely be on your bucket list! It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure destination that your kids will adore. 

Camp amongst towering mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, while letting the kids explore the great outdoors.

Although Yogi Bear is just a cartoon character, the kiddos will have a chance to see real bears, deer, bison and elk in their natural habitat. How cool is that! 

Grab your Night Vision Goggles from home so you can spot the animals in the dark also. They’ll come in handy when you want to see your surroundings as clear as day, even at midnight. 

Besides spotting wildlife, you can enjoy the otherworldly sights like azure pools of water that change colors and the natural geysers that spray water up into the sky.

fun places to travel


Kayak with the kids in the Pacific Northwest 

Kiddos like to be out on the water? A kayak camping trip might just be the fun family vacation you’re looking for. 

Choose a multi-night kayaking trip that starts from San Juan Island, Washington and takes you to several remote islands. 

You’ll sleep on a different island each night and eat salmon meals cooked by your guide.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Don’t forget your Night Vision Goggles and Range Finder at home, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use them throughout the trip.

adventure vacations

Enjoy some beach time in Oahu, Hawaii 

It’s a fact that kids love the beach! And let’s be honest: us adults love it just as much! 

There’s nothing better than lazing out in the sun, enjoying the feel of sand under your toes and hearing the sound of waves crashing nearby. 

We think Oahu could be the best vacation destination for kids as there are plenty of family outdoor activities to choose from. 

You can take surfing lessons with the kids, paddle an outrigger canoe, or even learn how to hula hoop on the beach. 

Take your loved ones on a scenic tour and enjoy the beautiful sights. Pack your Visiocrest Range Finder and play a guessing game with the kids of how far things are. 

For an ultimate fun time, swim with the dolphins at Sea Life Park!

fun family vacations

Are you excited for summer? If you like these ideas, you should know we have more where that came from! 

Check out our Outdoor Activities Guide and discover 10 of the best family vacation spots in the US. 

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Here’s to an unforgettable summer, spent in one of the best places for a family vacation!

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