Hunting For Beginners: 6 Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Hunting for beginners: 6 tips everyone needs to know

by Charlie Parker

Every year, around 15 million Americans take their rifles and other gear and go hunting. It’s one of the oldest activities in the world and enticing for many.

If this is the first year you’re considering trying it out for yourself, I’m sure there are many things about hunting that you don’t know yet. That’s why we’ve put together an easy beginners guide that includes some tips and tricks any novice hunter should know before going out into the wild:

1. Patience is gold

Many beginners struggle with how much waiting time they have to endure. 

Hunting requires a lot of patience and precision. Be prepared to wait for the perfect catch hours or even days on end. 

While walking through the woods, you should always move slowly and cautiously, as you never know what lies ahead or around the corner.

2. Be as quiet as a mouse 

Animals have heightened senses and can hear the smallest of sounds, even from a great distance. You might think that stepping on a twig that breaks under your foot shouldn’t cause too much trouble, but it can actually spook your prey, especially if they are on high alert. 

Make sure not to bring with you any noisy gear or food. For example, velcro straps make a lot of noise and crunchy snacks, like potato chips, are definitely a no-no. 

3. Blend In 

Choose camouflage clothing that will blend in easily in the environment where you’re hunting. If you’re hunting deer, you should know they are red color blind. Use this knowledge to your advantage by choosing a small article of clothing that will make you stand out to other hunters. For example, an orange or red beanie would help others notice you and avoid accidentally shooting you. 


4. Pack the appropriate gear 

Depending on the time of day and the type of prey, make sure to have the right gear. You’ll usually need more than just a gun or rifle. 

Invest in a good pair of night-vision goggles, a laser rangefinder, or some binoculars. They will make the hunt easier and help you spot your prey from afar. 

5. Be odorless

Hunting is one of those rare occasions where smelling nice might be an issue.

Most animals, and particularly deer, can pick up suspicious scents that don’t belong.

Use only odorless products for at least 48 hours before going on the hunt. In addition, make sure not to drink alcohol, smoke, eat spicy foods, or even put gasoline in your car too close to the big day. 

6. Don’t give up 

As I’ve said before, hunting is a game of patience. The most important thing is not to give up. 

You might spend days without seeing a single animal but don’t despair! Every moment you don’t catch your prey is a moment of gaining more experience until eventually, you’ll have your first shot. You will learn more about the animals and how they react as well as what scares them away every time you are out in nature.

The more experience you gain, the easier it will be to perfect your hunting strategy.

These tips and tricks will help you prepare for your first time out in nature.

Good luck and good hunting! 


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