Unique Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

It’s time for some hot chocolate and staring out the window while it slowly snows outside.

Unless you’re in Florida and it’s still 75 outside.

But it doesn’t really matter, does it? The holiday season is special nonetheless. The snow might be a plus if you’re not terrified of the cold, but all in all, it’s about something entirely different. It’s the season of giving.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, your friends, or your loved friends isn’t something most people find easy to do, and that’s why we’re going to try and tackle the problem right here, in our very own blog!

P.S., the gifts are going to be outdoor themed, but chances are you already know that that’s what we specialize in. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and try to find the best unique gifts for outdoor lovers out there!

Hiking Gear! 

If the person you’re trying to find a gift for is into hiking, hiking gear is obviously an easy choice. But what type of hiking gear? What type of gear do hikers even need? Let’s try and shed some light on this mystery.

Hiking is constantly growing in popularity, and the reason is obvious; you can do it alone, or with a group, and it doesn’t cost a lot to get started!

As far as gifts for outdoorsy people go, if they’re into hiking, getting them some gear is something they would both appreciate and need.

What gear? 

You’re going to be looking for clothes mainly, and some accessories. It all depends on your budget and whether or not you know if there’s something they already have or not.

Hiking jackets range in price anywhere from $50 to $700, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

A good pair of hiking pants can also set you back anywhere from $30 to $100. It really just depends on what season the clothes are for, and how high quality they are.

You don’t need to spend big bucks in order to find something that’s well built and which can last your friend for years to come.

Your friends wouldn’t be hiking without shoes. They’re important, really important.

Just like the jackets or pants above, the season is important. You wouldn’t go hiking in winter with summer shoes, or vice versa. 

It’s important to find out what seasons your friends prefer and what gear they already have. Once you’ve got that information, it’s just a matter of setting your budget and picking out the best gear available.

Golf Clubs 

Jumping from hiking to golfing might seem a bit weird, but at the end of the day, golf is an outside sport! And, since we’re looking for the best gifts for outdoorsmen, it’s only logical to take a look at golf clubs.

It’s important to note that if you’re looking to give the gift of golf to someone, you probably shouldn’t start with getting them the most expensive set of golf clubs. They won’t make a difference, and there’s always the chance that they might not like the sport!

It’s either as inexpensive as possible for a complete beginner or going big for someone who’s already in love with the sport.

A set of golf clubs consists of up to 14 clubs at a time. Most beginners and intermediate players probably won’t need that many, though.

Full sets usually vary on what they contain, but all of them will have Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, 1 through 9 Irons, Pitching wedges, Sand wedges, and Putters.

A good beginner’s set of clubs will cost you around $250-500 for adults, or $150-200 for juniors. If you’re interested in spending extra time searching, you could probably get them even cheaper if you’re willing to buy each club separately.

 A Unique Experience 

If you have friends who are interested in unique experiences, chances are there are quite a few gifts you could surprise them with. Things like helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides, or skydiving lessons are bound to impress anyone who’s chasing thrills!

The price of a hot air balloon ride is usually determined by several factors, but generally speaking, a ride goes for about $200-$300 per person. If you’re interested in sharing the experience, there are quite a few companies out there that offer far better rates for groups! 

Helicopter rides are a far cheaper alternative (depending on where you’re living) that is just as impressive. You can find flights as low as $90 in Las Vegas, or as high as $430 for a Grand Canyon trip. It all depends on where exactly you’re located!

Useful Gadgets 

You’d be hard-pressed to find outdoorsy people who don’t enjoy a good gadget.

It’s also a sure way of landing an excellent & fun outdoor Christmas gift.

If you’re still not convinced as far as the options we’ve provided so far, maybe a pair of Night Vision Goggles will change your mind. It just so happens that we’ve got some of the best pairs available out there, right on this site!

Why Night Vision Goggles? Well, first of all, they’re cool. Who didn’t want a pair when they were growing up? Second of all, they’re insanely practical for anyone who’s into outdoor activities. Camping? Name a better way of being sure your surroundings are safe at night or if you’re woken up by a strange sound. Night Vision Goggles are an affordable gift that will leave most people truly impressed.

Night Vision Goggles N-7X31/1080-BL Infrared Binoculars

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Superior Visibility

Our goggles have 8x zoom and a long viewing distance of up to 1300 ft. Crafted with precision and made with high-grade visibility and range, use them to explore and see in complete darkness as well as in daylight.

Premium Features

We built a powerful infrared illuminator with 5 levels to suit your various needs and settings as well as included a rechargeable, long-lasting battery to follow you every step of the way. Conquer the night and discover a whole new world.

Record & Save Up To 256GB

Transform every moment into a lasting memory with photo & video playback and recording features. You don’t have to pick and choose which of the many full HD videos and wonderful photos in 3K resolution you should keep. Keep them all.

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Since we’re already on the subject of camping, a Bluetooth speaker is also a great outdoorsy gift idea. You can find really powerful ones anywhere between $30-$90.

And, what better to go with a Bluetooth speaker than a power bank? You can find quite a few of them, and they’re also quite cheap!

Nature Survival Kits 

A survival kit is something every outdoor enthusiast should have. There’s no question about it. Let’s find out exactly what a survival kit should contain first.

Map & Compass

Technology is great, but we’ve started to depend a little bit too much on it. Learning how to use a compass and how to read a map should be crucial for every nature lover out there. Your phone might run out of battery, but your eyes never will (unless you’re sleeping, but that’s how you recharge your batteries!).

First-Aid Kit

Bandages, antibacterial ointments, triangle bandages, and gauze should always be present, it’s best to be prepared.

Signal Mirror 

Landing yourself in a situation where you’re too tired or just too far away from signaling people could be life-threatening. A lot of signal mirrors can be seen as far as 15 miles away. Having one is important. It’s also important to note that a lot of compasses feature a mirror, so depending on your compass, you could forgo having an additional mirror.

Fire Starter

You need a fire starter. That’s for sure. It can be anything from a Bic lighter to a striker and tinder. It’s important to always have a way of starting a fire. You can use it in order to get through a rough night if you get stuck, or as a way to signal first responders.

Water Purification System

A lot of people think that food is important in a survival situation, and that’s true, but you can survive without food for approximately three weeks. Without water? A week, at most. You need a way to purify water if you’re going to be spending an extended amount of time in nature. A water purification system is necessary, as a backup, you can also have water purification tablets in case your system breaks down.


A good knife will help you in almost any survival situation you could find yourself in. From helping you in creating shelter to helping you cook or create other tools. You’ll need a knife.


Having cordage is far more important to have than most people think. Hanging clothes, creating a shelter, making a fishing line, and traps are all things cordage will help you with.

Fishing Line and Hooks

Cordage can always serve as a fishing line, but it’s not like a fishing line in itself would take up a lot of room in a backpack. In a survival situation, having a means of acquiring food can be a life saver.


This one is fairly self-explanatory. Just like you wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom at night without at least some source of light, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in nature without a flashlight. The city might be bright at night, but the further away you are from it, the darker it gets.

This list is a great way of knowing what exactly a survival kit should contain, and, if you’re interested in giving a really personal gift, you could try and create the kit yourself!

Final Thoughts

It can be both hard and easy to find a good gift. Sometimes it’s a spur-of-the-moment idea, other times it can take days or weeks to find the perfect gift. Most people will undoubtedly appreciate you trying, even if the gift isn’t perfect! 

 Just remember, it’s all about trying your best!

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