What our customers say

As an outdoors enthusiast, I have tried many gadgets during my expeditions. I found Visiocrest to have the best value for money with the best price-quality ratio, considering that it is premium gear. Its versatility also impressed me. I use my rangefinders for golfing, archery, hiking, and wildlife adventures and I can choose from 5 different modes: ranging, flagpole, speed, scan, and fog. I totally got my money’s worth!

I was looking for binoculars to use on a camping trip. We were staying outdoors for a couple of days, meaning I’d use the goggles during the day as well as night. This was an important criterion and Visiocrest delivered! The rangefinders incorporate infrared night vision. I could not believe how clearly I could see using these binoculars, even in pitch dark. The image at night is clear, the video and picture quality is good. Could not be happier with this purchase!

When hunting, having clear vision is the key to the perfect shot. This is where Visiocrest comes in handy. It helps me get clear aim, night and day. The pinpoint accuracy of Visiocrest tops out around 1093 yards. I also use the rangefinders to check the track before hunting to get complete daily patterns and establish routes. It can save you a lot of time and ensure you shoot to win. Definitely recommend Visiocrest!


Apart from the goggles, in the box you will find a bag where to store them, a neck strap, an USB, an A/V cable, a cleaning cloth and a 32 GB memory card.

Please know that all our products benefit from a limited 1-year warranty, for replacements or refunds.

Our high-precision rangefinder allows you to measure the exact distance up to 1093 yards (1000 m) with a +/- one-yard accuracy.

Please know that our products can be used for hunting, archery, golf, hiking, camping or reconnaissance.

Please know that the Night Goggles work with 4x AA batteries. For the rangefinders you will need a 3V CR2 battery.

Our Rangefinder products are equipped with a 905nm laser.

With our laser rangefinders you have 5 different modes that can be used for different activities: Ranging, Flagpole (for golf, made to lock the pole), Speed, Scan & Fog (provides accuracy and ensures precision despite poor visibility).

Please know that our Rangefinders products are waterproof. The Night Goggles are not waterproof, so please do not get them wet, keep them away from liquid.

Our Night Goggles have a 2x zoom feature, allowing you to get a clear and focused image from up to 1300 feet away.

The Night Goggles are designed for nighttime only. They are not for use in daylight conditions nor in lighted environments.

We strongly believe in Visiocrest’s ability to support you on your adventures. This is why we offer 24/7 customer support from real specialists and no strings attached. Try Visiocrest for 30 days. If you’re not fully satisfied with our product, get your money back, guaranteed!